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Keynote Speaking, Professional Development Workshops For Teachers, and Kinesthetic Coaching For Students.

Teachers and principals, Are you looking for different ways of enhancing health and wellness for the staff and students at your school? Are you looking for new ways of engaging kinesthetic learners in your classroom? Do you need new strategies for integrating nutrition, movement, and mindfulness at your school? According to the American Heart Association, “A healthy school environment can result in greater academic achievement, healthier students, and school staff.” Why not call the EduNinja so together we can raise the bar and learn new strategies to better meet the diverse needs of all learners including the kinesthetic learners.

Norris Speech

“It’s Time to Raise The Bar With EduNinja™ Nutrition, Movement, and Mindfulness”

This speech aims at empowering teachers to elevate their personal wellness using The EduNinja™ Mindset. Teachers will learn reflective practices to see how past obstacles can be turned into strengths, see the importance of building a strong foundation of nutrition, movement, and mindfulness, and have the opportunity to set a personal wellness plan. Teachers will see the importance of incorporating kinesthetic lessons to meet the needs of all learners in their classroom. Finally, teachers will learn strategies to collaborate, build community, and inspire healthy teachers, families, and students in our global community.

This is what people are saying about The EduNinja™ Mindset Keynote Speaking:

John Skretta, Ed.D. Superintendent of The Norris School District:

“The Norris staff was thrilled to host Jennifer Burdis, AKA the Edu-Ninja. Jen brings tremendous positivity and authentic enthusiasm to her work. At Norris, we have sustained a commitment to healthful practices to promote great education outcomes and a positive culture for students and staff. Sustaining that commitment requires having examples to aspire toward, and Jen offers this for all of us.

One of the great aspects of bringing Jen in as a speaker is she defies the normal convention of a consultant – she does not condescend or preach at her audience – instead, she engages colleagues and dignifies teachers through a heartfelt personal message and inspiring example. Furthermore, Jen fosters relationships with teachers through social media and her Professional Learning Network, or PLN. She wants educators to forge that connection with her and for all of us to succeed, together.”

Contact Jen today. She’d love to come to your school as a keynote speaker or to lead a professional development workshop for your staff. Click here: to learn more about working with Jen and together finding ways to inspire healthy teachers and students at your school.

EduNinja™ Fit Students: Empowering students to become self sufficient learners by independently applying kinesthetic techniques, sound nutritional habits, and mindfulness tools to achieve their best and reach success.

EduNinja Fit Club

EduNinja™ Fit Teachers:  Empowering teachers to use a growth mindset when practicing kinesthetic techniques, sound nutritional habits, and mindfulness tools to meet the needs of the whole teacher and whole child.


EduNinja™ Hiking Adventure Club: Motivating hikers of all fitness levels to meet up early Saturday mornings for invigorating hikes throughout the county. It’s a great way to start the weekend off right. 


EduNinja™ Kinesthetic Classroom: Providing kinesthetic, nutrition, and mindfulness resources for teachers to access and apply to their classroom.

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Please contact: if you are interested in having  Jen speak at your school, lead a professional development, or run a workout for teachers or students at your school. Thanks for inspiring healthy teachers and students!