Upcoming Pennsylvania and Online Opportunities To Grow Your Health and Wellness


The EduNinja Fitness & Fun Summer Selfie Scavenger Hunt: Starting Mon. July 2nd

EduNinja™ Summer Fitness

Who wants to go on a summer fitness scavenger hunt? Let’s start this week July 2nd. Join us virtually for The EduNinja™ Fitness & Fun Summer Selfie Contest. It’s easy. Just pick an activity from the list, snap a selfie, #EduNinjaMindset and post to social media. If you don’t want the whole world seeing your pics then just post it to our “closed” eduninja30 Facebook group by “asking to join” and where you’ll be inspiring others. I can’t wait to see those pictures, and I might see you back in Pennsylvania: Phoenixville, Bethlehem, Orwigsburg, Schuylkill Haven, Pottsville, and State College for some summer workouts, book signings, and fun for this EduNinja™Fitness & Fun Summer Selfie scavenger hunt.
Click: https://adobe.ly/2lPwcYi

EduNinja™ Free Outdoor Community Workout

Join us for a free, all ages, outdoor community workout Thursday July 12th 6 PM to 7 PM Schuylkill Haven, PA – Location TBA.

Are you ready to sneak in a stealth workout with the EduNinja? Join Jen Burdis, two-time American Ninja Warrior contestant, 4th grade teacher, author, and trainer as she leads a free outdoor community workout Thursday July 12th from 6 PM -7 PM in Schuylkill Haven, PA. Location TBA

All ages, skill levels, and families are welcome and encouraged to join. The best part is the strength you’ll gain from training together as a fun, encouraging, and hard-working group. You’ll leave sweaty, make new friends, and inspire others. We can’t wait for you to join us!


The EduNinja Mindset Book Launch Party

Join us Friday July 13th 5-7 PM Roma Pizzeria, 116 West Market St. Pottsville PA 17901 for Happy Hour, fun conversation, and the book launch for The EduNinja Mindset 11 Habits for Building a Stronger Mind and Body. Book link here: https://amzn.to/2xS6Hyu

Eduninjamindset book

Penn State EduNinja Mindset Book Signing at The Student Bookstore

Join us at Saturday July 14th and Sunday July 15th at The Student Bookstore 330 E College Ave, State College, PA for Arts Fest.  Jen will be there for a book signing of The EduNinja Mindset 11 Habits for Building a Stronger Mind and Body. Exact times TBA

Penn State EndorsementAdam EduNinja Mindset EndorsementKerry EduNinja Mindset Endorsement

Please Join Me as I Host #BetterTogetherCA Twitter Chat June 4th, #tlap June 11th, #eduninja30 Challenge This Month, Athleta EduNinja™ Fit June 16th



Hello California teacher and friends! Join us Monday, June 4th, 7 – 8 pm as we celebrate the school year and kickoff summer strong with the #bettertogetherca chat and the follow up free day of learning this summer. Sign up here: How can we nurture creativity in schools? #BetterTogetherCA keynote speaker @SirKenRobinson will kick off our 2018 Summit this July 27th and make the case for a learning revolution. More about registration at https://buff.ly/2qTeeXY

The #eduninja30 Health and Wellness Challenge

EduNinja promo 1

May 16th marked the beginning of the third annual EduNinja Challenge. It’s not too late to join us. This year’s 30 day challenge will again inspire educators and friends to increase physical activity and mindful, healthy eating by connecting and supporting each other here.

Please invite teachers, families, and friends to join our group and give themselves the gift of health and wellness this month: May 16th – June 15th. Please follow us: eduninja30  on Instagram or @jennifer_burdis on Twitter. Thanks for inspiring healthy students. Please go to eduninja.net for more information.

Athleta Hosts Jen Burdis with EduNinja™Fit to Kickoff Summer!

EduNinja Headshot Logo 2018

Are you ready to sneak in a stealth workout with the EduNinja? Join Jen Burdis, two-time American Ninja Warrior contestant, educator, author, and trainer as she leads a high intensity interval training session Saturday, June 16th from 9 a.m. – 10 a.m. followed by a book signing of her new book The EduNinja Mindset 11 Habits for Building a Stronger Mind and Body.

All ages, skill levels, and families are welcome and encouraged to join. This class will test your strength, balance, cardiovascular fitness, and agility. Exercises will range from whole body dynamic bodyweight intervals, circuits using light weights, bands, Bosu, plyos, and core strengthening exercises.

The best part is the strength you’ll gain from training together as a fun, encouraging, and hard-working group. You’ll leave sweaty, make new friends, and inspire others. We can’t wait for you to join us! Thanks for inspiring healthy teachers, students, families, and friends. See you Saturday, June 16th at 9 a.m. for this kickoff to summer!

Thanks for inspiring healthy teacher, students, families, and friends.

CUE Rock Star Camp

Many teachers and students looked at Friday, June 16th as the last day of school; although, other educators, including the CUE Rock Star teachers, looked at it as an opportunity to meet up with innovative teachers in a fun learning environment. These two days involved exploring new technology, learning new skills, and building community. The CUE Rock Star Camp is an awesome opportunity to practice those next steps in your life long learning journey, and the perfect way to start summer feeling revitalized and inspired by fellow CUE Rock Stars!I was honored to be a part of the CUE faculty this year and grateful to lead 6 sessions this camp.

We had fun moving through the first day with EduNinja™ Nutrition, Movement, and Mindfulness activities.




Some teachers were a little sore from day one but that didn’t stop them from moving on day two with the team Buncee photo scavenger hunt.


Here’s what our sessions looked like: http://bit.ly/2sqV1hs


Take a look at some of the Buncee scavenger hunt creations.


Mike, Hyun, Cindy: http://bit.ly/2rSW1r5

Buncee MikeHyunCindy


Sue: http://bit.ly/2rTmO6y


#theescapeartists http://bit.ly/2rSICPz


Denise: http://bit.ly/2rOHq4C


Dana & Sharon  (The Fabulous Firsties)http://bit.ly/2tErAGW




Winners will be posted here soon so keep an eye out. A huge thanks to all the rock stars that attended the June session. I learned so much, made awesome new friends, and I’m already looking forward to the next collaboration. Stay in touch, and thanks for inspiring healthy teachers and students.

CUE Rock Star Camp


I’m both honored and excited to join the awesome Cue Rock Star faculty on Monday, June 19th and Tuesday, June 20th for these two fun filled days of learning for this sold out event. On Monday join us on a Hero’s Journey to make the world a healthier place. Learn fun and dynamic ways to keep students healthy, fit, moving, and engaged in your lessons. We’ll be fighting off villains like inactivity, unhealthy food choices, and multitasking by learning simple and easy to use tools such as new brain breaks, kinesthetic lessons, and mindfulness activities to easily integrate into your day. As you venture on this EduNinja quest you’ll see why you and your students will be feeling dynamic and ready to tackle new challenges together. Join us in this active and engaging class. Suitable for all grade levels.

On Tuesday, Join us on a team scavenger hunt to create a hero’s journey using Buncee.
Your mission if you choose to accept it is to venture out on a hero’s journey photo scavenger hunt. You’ll be given a secret list and have 45 minutes to snap pictures and create an engaging Buncee to share with your fellow Rock Stars. Suitable for all grade levels.

I can’t wait to see everyone soon! Thanks for making the world a healthier place, and thanks for inspiring healthy teachers and students.

Better Together Now More Than Ever CA Teachers Summit

is a free day of learning and sharing innovative strategies and concrete tools led by teachers, for teachers. Join us on July 28th by going to http://cateacherssummit.com/ to sign up. Join us at one of the 35 locations or check out the live stream keynote.

“Now more than ever” is the theme for this year. To get connected before the event, please check out the vodcasts aimed at sharing ideas and strategies from teachers for teachers. Check out Episode 1: #TeacherTalk: Real Teachers, Real Issues – Lessons From A Pirate And A Ninja EP 01 with Dave Burgess, Karly Moura, Basho Mosko, and Jen Burdis. Stay on the lookout for future episodes every two weeks from different teachers from all over California.

Spring Into Heart Healthy Nutrition and Finish the School Year STRONG!

EduNinjaLOGOGarden Greens copy

March was National Nutrition Month®. If you missed it don’t worry. You can always celebrate. This annual nutritional education and information campaign was created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. This campaign focuses attention on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits.

In our classroom we focused on the idea of “School Garden to Table” by integrating the benefits of garden greens, and other healthy vegetables into a classroom lesson. Our school’s gardening lunch club does an incredible job of growing many native restorative plants and amazing green vegetables such as: dinosaur kale, sugar snap peas, Swiss chard, lettuce, onions, and broccoli to name just a few.

Students were reminded that powerhouse greens may reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and possibly cancer according to the American Heart Association. Our class researched the benefits of eating these powerhouse greens along with other powerful fruits and vegetables.


In April, our class celebrated Earth Day with a simple and heart healthy snack. I brought in a simple vegetable spiralizer as we learned about another simple and inexpensive way to add more vegetables to your meals. Our class made cucumber spaghetti. Everyone tried it and most asked for seconds.

In May, students are showing others on campus the superpowers of eating fruits and vegetables. Students were tasked to create a fruit or vegetable superhero poster to hang up in the school’s lunch line. The goal is to help students who are waiting in the lunch line to make healthier choices when they are faced with many choices. What do you think? Captain Carrot defeating Diabetes Doughnut. Pictures coming soon.


Journalism in June: Students have started discovering, highlighting, and will be sharing healthy habits found all around campus in our journalism unit of study. Be on the lookout for student articles that will be posted here.

Our end of the year gift from our class to you will be our Healthy Habits Cookbook. We will be collecting heart healthy recipes for you. Details coming in June. It’s a great place to look for new heart healthy summer recipes.

As teachers we have the power to model and teach students how to establish heart healthy eating habits. Thanks for inspiring healthy teachers and students!


Everyone’s Moving on Campus With The EduNinja 30 Day Health & Wellness Challenge


The EduNinja 30 Day Health and Wellness Challenge is going strong.  Teachers have been getting out of bed just a little bit earlier this month to get their sixty minutes of physical activity a day with other teachers, students, and their families before school, at lunch, and after school. It’s been an empowering journey for people to see how great they can feel from working out with friends, knowing what to eat, and getting enough rest. Teachers are realizing that they don’t need fancy equipment, an expensive gym membership, or fancy food to feel good. I’ve also noticed how our earlier pictures have progressed to passive teachers clothed in dark grey and black to dynamic teachers with brighter tops, fun pants, and big smiles. It’s awesome to see what has already transpired in just a few weeks. You rock! Thanks for inspiring healthy teachers and students.