teacher appreciation

As an life-long multi-sport athlete, 2x American Ninja Warrior, Penn State Volleyball alumna, educational leader, twenty year veteran elementary teacher, author of The EduNinja Mindset 11 Habits for Building a Stronger Mind and Body, keynote speaker, undiagnosed dyslexia advocate, and NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer, Jen believes when leaders incorporate positive sustained strategies to increase daily activity, mindfulness, and thoughtful food choices, together everyone on their team achieves more.

While earning an elementary education degree, minor in kinesiology, and playing volleyball at Penn State, Jen was fortunate to learn from top-notch trainers, a sports psychologist, and a sports nutritionist the importance of daily physical activity, mind-body connection strategies, and making healthy food choices as the foundation to achieving higher level goals. 

After Jen’s dad’s triple heart bypass surgery eight years ago, she knew it was vital to show him and others how to lead a healthier life. Her dad is one of many who have committed to making sustainable healthy changes and has since lost 17 pounds by eating healthier and moving at least five times a week. 

While competing on seasons six and seven of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior as the “EduNinja” it reinforced Jen’s commitment to empowering teachers, students, families and friends to live healthier. 

Jen has been leading The EduNinja Challenge the past five years, EduNinja™ Fit for students and teachers locally and communities across the country virtually. She’s also been speaking, and leading professional development at schools and universities across the country and is excited to work with more athletes, businesses, and organizations this year.

Growing up with undiagnosed dyslexia and not really learning how to read until getting her master’s degree in reading and writing curriculum instruction, Jen shares with audience members personal stories and mindset strategies of looking at obstacles as opportunities to go on to write that book or run that next race. When we’re at our best both mentally and physically everyone benefits.  Join us in the movement to inspire health and wellness across the country. Thanks for inspiring fitness ninjas everywhere.

To find out more about Jen please go to: jenburdis.com