teacher appreciation

As a fourth grade teacher with two decades of elementary experience, and a NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer, I believe when teachers incorporate positive sustained strategies to increase daily activity, mindfulness, and thoughtful food choices, together everyone achieves more. While playing volleyball at Penn State, I was fortunate to work with top-notch trainers, a sports psychologist, and a sports nutritionist who all stressed the importance of daily physical activity, mind body connection strategies, and making healthy food choices as part of a daily lifestyle to be happy and successful. 

After my dad’s triple heart bypass surgery seven years ago, I knew it was vital to show him and others how easy it is to lead a healthier life. While competing on seasons six and seven of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior as the “EduNinja” it reinforced my commitment to empowering teachers, students, and their families to pursue their goals of becoming healthier.

We all know teaching is one of the most rewarding yet exhausting professions. Teachers are famous for putting our students’ needs first by staying up late grading essays, going to school early to prepare the perfect lesson, answering numerous e-mails during our lunch breaks, and staying up to date with the latest professional development. These sustained patters over time may lead to chronic fatigue and eventually burnout if we don’t access the tools we have to catch the warning signs early to start making positive healthy changes. According to MindfulSchools.org roughly twenty percent of teachers are leaving the profession each year. Let’s change those numbers.

When we’re at our best everyone benefits. We feel better, we’re happier, calmer, more focused, and more engaged in our teaching. Join us in the movement to inspire health and wellness among teachers, students, families, and communities. Thanks for inspiring healthy teachers, students, and families.

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