CUE Rock Star Camp

Many teachers and students looked at Friday, June 16th as the last day of school; although, other educators, including the CUE Rock Star teachers, looked at it as an opportunity to meet up with innovative teachers in a fun learning environment. These two days involved exploring new technology, learning new skills, and building community. The CUE Rock Star Camp is an awesome opportunity to practice those next steps in your life long learning journey, and the perfect way to start summer feeling revitalized and inspired by fellow CUE Rock Stars!I was honored to be a part of the CUE faculty this year and grateful to lead 6 sessions this camp.

We had fun moving through the first day with EduNinja™ Nutrition, Movement, and Mindfulness activities.




Some teachers were a little sore from day one but that didn’t stop them from moving on day two with the team Buncee photo scavenger hunt.


Here’s what our sessions looked like:


Take a look at some of the Buncee scavenger hunt creations.


Mike, Hyun, Cindy:

Buncee MikeHyunCindy








Dana & Sharon  (The Fabulous Firsties)




Winners will be posted here soon so keep an eye out. A huge thanks to all the rock stars that attended the June session. I learned so much, made awesome new friends, and I’m already looking forward to the next collaboration. Stay in touch, and thanks for inspiring healthy teachers and students.

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