Join Us For The Free EduNinja™ and Trained in CHAOS 30 Day Fitness Challenge. Everyone is Welcome!

EduNinja™ and Trained in CHAOS

30 Day Fitness Challenge: 

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So this year’s challenge is BIGGER and BETTER than ever. Do you know why? Because EduNinja™ and Trained in the Art of CHAOS have teamed up. 

EduNinja™= is a nonprofit whose purpose is to educate, encourage, and support healthy habits for all people so they can perform at their best.

Trained in CHAOS= Being trained in the art of chaos is about your energy and the way you approach life. Your day, your job, your workout – go into everything and tell yourself, I am going to be the best version of myself.” We are here to support your journey, whatever it may be. Live life with purpose and passion. This is the art of CHAOS. CHAOS means: Command Heart Achieve Outstanding Success

When is it? Oct. 1st – Oct. 31st

How much does it cost? It’s free

What is the challenge? It’s an online 30 day fitness challenge for every level and every person. It’s purpose is to educate, encourage, and support healthy habits for all people. 

How do I sign up? Ask to join the private Facebook group: eduninja30. This is where the most interaction happens. Videos will be posted in the Facebook group, Twitter, Instagram, and You Tube daily.

Why should I join the challenge? 

You should join the challenge if you’re looking for: 

–  Strategies to feel your best and perform at your best.

– Accountability with healthier food choices, and daily fitness.

– Encouragement for daily effort, a growth mindset, and supporting failure to get better.

– Resources to manage stress, practice mindfulness, and develop proper rest and recovery strategies.

Who should I invite? Everyone! Everyone is welcome for this challenge since the purpose of it is to encourage everyone at their personal level to learn new strategies to improve their health and wellness game. Grab a friend or do the workouts as a family. There are differentiated levels so you pick what works best for you. 

How can you inspire others and possibly win some cool swag?

  1. Repost our pics and videos and tag 2 or more people.
  2. #trainedinchaos #eduninja30 on all pics you post to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

What do I need to get started?


  • On Mondays you’ll need a Swiss Ball. 
  • On Thursdays one set of medium to heavy dumbbells and a bench is helpful but not needed.
  • On day 24 you’ll need both. The last week of the challenge you’ll need a pumpkin about the size of your head.
  • On day 12 you’ll need a partner.
  • The rest of the days are bodyweight days.




  • Mon.- Fri. – 5 Mini Week Day Workouts: Quick and Easy to Add To Your Routine. Only 5 Exercises To Remember Daily. These will be posted in the private FB group, Instagram, You Tube, and Twitter.
  • 1 Weekend Saturday Workout: A Longer Routine You Could Just Hit Play and Do The Workout With Me on Saturdays.



Mondays : Mobility & Movement Monday

Tuesdays: Yoga Ball Strength

Wednesdays: Core

Thursdays: Light Weight Strength

Fridays: Flexibility Friday

Saturdays: Weekend Workout 

Sundays: Sunday Funday: Get Out & Try a New Activity


Optional Add On: (Walking, biking, jogging, etc.)

Level 1: Cardio 2-3x a week 20-30 min.

Level 2: Cardio 4-5x a week 30-35 min.

Level 3: Cardio 5-6x a week 45-50 min.

Add 5+ Minutes of Cardio Each Week




and/or the Rollga foam roller video:


  • For the Weekday Workouts: Set your timer and get to work for 20 minutes by doing as many sets as possible or trying 5 exercises, 5 reps, for 5 sets. As always check with your doctor before you start any exercise program and modify when needed. 
  • Remember to snap a picture #eduninja and #trainedinchaos tag 2 people and post it to your favorite social media site. Try posting in the private eduninja30 Facebook group to inspire others and build community and a change to win some cool CHAOS gear.





We Kicked Off 2019 With #EduNinja30

Hello Friends,

My name is Jennifer Burdis. You may know me as the founder of EduNinja™, a 20 year veteran elementary teacher, keynote speaker, fitness instructor, and author. Growing up in Pennsylvania, sports were an important part of my life, from playing volleyball at Penn State to competing on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior seasons six and seven.

With the release of my first book The EduNinja Mindset 11 Habits for Building a Stronger Mind and Body, I’m excited to share with all people, especially teachers, administrators, and school staff the importance of giving yourself the gift of health and wellness to better serve others. When you feel better, you may teach better, and students can potentially learn better from teachers who are healthy, happy, and engaged in their lessons.

January 7th marks the kickoff for the fourth annual EduNinja 30-Day Challenge. #eduninja30 will again inspire educators to incorporate physical activity, healthy eating, kinesthetic lessons, and mindfulness into the classroom promoting a culture of health in schools while building community across the nation. But it’s not just for educators. It’s for everyone everywhere. 

The easiest way to join this health and wellness party is to tell your friends, principal, retweet to friends on social media, and grab your coworkers. We’re going to be moving some desks out of the way, or you may end up working out in your pj’s before school because these EduNinja workouts can be completed just about anywhere!

The primary goal is to increase cardio this month, learn a few new exercises to add to your routine, and connect with a like minded group to hold ourselves to a new standard with the support of others. The workouts are adapted for all levels, and you can try as many new exercises by looking at the easy-to-follow weekly videos on this website under the #eduninja30 tab.

Please be sure to consult your physician before starting any workout program, and I encourage you to talk to your healthcare provider today to learn about your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, BMI (Body Mass Index) and any prior health conditions or injuries. It is also recommended to have a certified personal trainer help you determine what level to start at, if appropriate, and help guide you with proper form through these exercises.

There are so many ways you can participate. Choose your favorite social media tool to stay connected.

What You’ll Need Before You Start

  • Sign up at: and check out weekly videos.
  • Request access to the private “eduninja30” Facebook group where we support, encourage, and build community with awesome teachers, administrators, and friends.
  • Follow and tag @jennifer_burdis on Twitter with #eduninja30, follow eduninja30 or jenniferburdis on Instagram.
  • Please help spread the word among other coworkers, friends, and family. Use #eduninja30 when you post pictures.

It might be helpful to have the items listed below:

A yoga mat.

Download the Tabata Pro app. timer.

Obtain a Swiss Ball and medicine ball (purchase, borrow these, or get access to a gym with them).

Preparing for the Challenge

Have a forty-ounce reusable water container at your desk and have students keep a reusable water container at their desks too. Have a student ring a water bell every hour and have everyone drink out of their water container. Try finishing the forty ounces before the end of the school day.

Log your meals and beverages daily. Try adding more vegetables, while still eating high quality proteins, and complex carbs. Be mindful of portion sizes and reducing foods that contain sugar, salt, and saturated fats. Try buying almost all perishable foods and get in the habit of eating an earlier dinner – not right before bedtime. Clear out all junk food from your home and just go out for reasonable treats.

Commit to going to bed before 10:00 p.m. knowing you’ll feel better in the morning. Sleep plays a huge part in your willpower, choosing to exercise, and eating well.

Gather a group of fun friends and decide on a place to meet to do the daily workouts together before, during (with administration approval during school lunch hours, of course), or after school.

The Fitness Part of the EduNinja 30-Day Challenge


If you are looking for a way to hold yourself more accountable in reaching your goals, getting the daily workout, trying new brain breaks, gathering kinesthetic lesson ideas, getting nutrition and mindfulness tools, and making better daily food choices, then please join us on Facebook at EduNinja30. We’re better together, so let’s do this! Together we can inspire healthy fitness ninjas across the country.

Twitter: jennifer_burdis

Facebook: “eduninja30” private group (ask to join)

Instagram: eduninja30 or jenniferburdis


In health and happiness,

Jen Burdis


A huge thanks to Athleta for encouraging and empowering teachers, students, families, and friends with fitness community events. It was an awesome way to kickoff summer!

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It was an honor to give an Ed-Talk at this year’s CA Teacher Summit Cal State Northridge site July 27th. This year’s theme was: It’s Personal Meeting The Needs of Every Student “Grit: Aren’t you glad you didn’t quit?” Please check out the video under the blog tab.

CA Teachers Summit Aren't You glad you didn't quit_

Write a New Story By Joining The next EduNinja 30 Day Challenge To Feel Energized and Engaged In Your Teaching.